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Conoce un poco más a los componentes de Suggia Piano Trio y sus currículums


Inés de Madrazo belongs to a family of artists. She is a direct descendent of the famous painters "Los Madrazo". Born in Bilbao in 1976, Mrs Madrazo studied violin at the Conservatorio Superior de Música "Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga" of Bilbao with I. Przylecka y Z. Rutkowski.

She received her Diploma in Violin Teacher and her Bachelor´s Degree in Music at the Royal Academy of Music in London (2000) with S. Langdon. Selected in an international proyect, she keeps contact with the german school, studying during a year at the Hochschule of Leipzig under the tutelage of professor R. Baldini. She pursued her studies with K. Wataya and C.A. Linale at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht (Holland).

Inés de Madrazo has attended courses with the most outstanding violinists of the moment such as J. Harding (Bilbao. Ikasmusica.1994), L. Morkovich (London. Royal Academy of Music. 1997), Z. Zvetli (London. R.A.M. 1998), S. Rosermberg (London. R.A.M. 2000) M. Fuks (Bilbao. Ikasantze. 2000), K. Wataya (Oviedo. Llanes. 2000), Orpheus Quartet (San Sebastian/Utrecht. 2000), Bartok Quartet (Kerkrade. 2000), Greenwich Quartet (Granada. 2000), Daniels Quartet (Rotterdam. 2001).

As a chamber music player has taken part in renowned Music Festivals all over Europe (Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Czech Republic), USA and Canada. Likewise, she has a wide orchestra experience, working usually with the major orchestras in Spain such as the Basque Symphony Orchestra, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Navarre Symphony Orchestra, Castilla and Leon Symphony Orchestra, Galicia Symphony Orchestra and Santiago de Compostela Symphony Orchestra with which she has made tours in France, Poland, Germany, Russia and China.

She is also very much in demand as concertmaster for the Bilbao and Oviedo Operas and for chamber orchestras like the Burgos Symphony Orchestra and the Women Orchestra of the Basque Country. Her training has been supported by the Government of Basque Country and the Cultural Office of the Spanish Government.

Since 2002 she is Soloist Assistant of the Navarre Symphony Orchestra in Pamplona.



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"La música se ha hecho para lo inexpresable".

- Claude Debussy

Suggia Piano Trio

Araceas, 10

31190 Paternáin (Navarra)

Diego Arbizu. 636 925 371

Javier Orzaiz. 629 385 941


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